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Jonas is a self-proclaimed galoot who aspires to one day also be dashing. He often does strange things just to make sure he is still is a galoot. He greatly enjoys a number of things including wit, board games, baseball, stimulating conversation, and Camp Phillip in Wautoma, WI. He created this publication to write whatever he wants and because he (perhaps misguidedly) thinks that the world wants tips on how to become more like him.


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What is a Dashing Galoot?

There are many galoots in the world, and not all of them are respectable. This is why we intend to make you not just a galoot, but a dashing galoot. This means someone who is 





But not oafishly. This is where being dashing comes in. A dashing galoot is admirable, looked upon with fawning eyes by those who do not know their secrets. This is what we will make you.

We at The Dashing Galoot hope to entertainingly educate you on how to be more daring, confident, and unique through the galoots of history, unusual methods to create your own sagas, and a weekly advice column.

We do this through many stimulating ways:

  • Historical stories of wild acts of derring-do rated on a level of galootishness and dashingess followed by a practical suggestion
  • A guide called The Dashing Galoot (DG) Handbook full of essential Dashing Galoot tips
  • Wild recommendations of adventures to partake in with varying measures of wildness for all types of adventurers
  • Quizzes to mercilessly use on yourself and your friends to assess your possession of various facets of being a dashing galoot
  • A weekly advice column with questions from readers with suggestions on how to be a better dashing galoot

Disclaimer: The creator has a wild imagination and takes no responsibility for any irresponsible actions because of it or following his example. If you are a galoot you are responsible for your actions. However, if you do happen to die please email me and I will write you a eulogy.