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Don’t Be a Borc! (and other tips so you don’t give the “ick”)

The Dashing Galoot Podcast
The Dashing Galoot Podcast
Don't Be a Borc! (and other tips so you don't give the "ick")

Sometimes, in love, it’s hard even to know what you’re doing wrong! For example, you probably didn’t know you were being a Borc. In this episode of The Dashing Galoot podcast, I discuss how not to be a Borc in all things love and how to avoid giving people the dreaded “ick” with romantic expert Aiya.

We cover the ideal fashion styles, the ultimate pickup line, and how often one should bathe and occasionally find useful principles from the 1859 book, “The Etiquette of Love, Courtship, and Marriage.”

Read the book here!

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