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Bolder with a Boulder

The grass was emerging, like green mold from the snowy swiss cheese. I strolled through, bathing in virility. Then it struck my gaze; I could not tear my eyes away.

I rushed towards it, trying to remain calm on top of my eagerly beating heart. A challenge to my strength. A chance to exert my will over that of Mother Nature!

No, not the Appalachians. Not the Alps, the Himalayas, the Rocky Mountains. Nay, something better! The snowy boulders of Sidewalk!

I sprung at one before it could escape in fear. I tried to wrap my long arms around it; reaching, reaching-

Ah! Bliss! My hands clasped around the formidable mountain! I raised it to my chest in glory- in height it reached from my waist to my chin; in weight, it was big. I strutted away with my trophy, but the walking was hard with such a large burden.

Soon I reached a crossing where strong beasts rushed past wildly. I glanced upon one coming and halted until its passing.

But behold!

The mighty mass of metal halted before me, reverent of my strength! I grinned with exuberance and marched in front of the waiting car.

I knew I must erect a monument to my heroic deed, so I looked for a tower on which to display my uprooted peak. I spied a wall of considerable height and gathered my strength.

With a ferocious grunt, I heaved the boulder skyward! It landed on the wall! And skidded off to fall and smash into fragments of its former glory.

I wept.

I cradled the fragments in my hands.

They were as cold as death.

I took a chunk and heaved it onto the wall, leaving a mournful substitute to remember the glorious and awful day.

Small snow boulder on a wall

Your tame unicorn

Was your day glorious, or simply awful? Perhaps you did not conquer mountain rangers, but surely you tamed a few unicorns or resisted the seductive luring of the all-knowing ogre Phon. Oh, no unicorns? Well, you can’t have a conquest without a quest.

Choose a quest.

Grip it tight.

And YEET it and make a monument to that day you were mighty.

Because you don’t know what might happen if you don’t let your might happen.

Dashing? Not? Say how you feel!

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