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How to Smolder- The DG Handbook

Do you want to imbue your eyes with liquid fire so hot it melts every heart around you? To know the perfect expression when you don’t want to say a word? To have the perfect face for the mailperson who’s always right on time? You’re clearly looking for the smolder! This first chapter of The Dashing Galoot Handbook will set you right on track to becoming the fiery sunset you aspire to be.

The Mindset

Really, the smolder just has to happen. Dwayne Johnson (a renowned master of the art) says, “At any time, it just takes over!”

Dwayne Johnson in #JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL | Free movies online, Dwayne  johnson, Movies online
“The Rock”. Such chiseled brows.

There’s no situation when it might not strike. Your shower. Ordering lunch. The liturgy. The key is letting the flame be free to do its work wherever it must.

The Body

If the face is the smolder, your body is the hearth that frames it. Your posture simply cannot have any tension. However, it must have the raw power of a cougar who reads the Bible. It also doesn’t hurt to have rippling muscles like Dwayne Johnson. Lean towards your target a little bit, or off to the side to cultivate a more mysterious air.

The Mouth

While some allow their lips to part slightly like a man thirsting for a succulent side of bacon, the general consensus is to purse the lips slightly without puckering. Throw in the hint of a smirk to give an air of hidden knowledge that is simply ravishing.

Marvel Roadworn Thor Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys | Sideshow Collectibles
Thor knows how to smolder. Do you?

The Eyebrows

These were Flynn Rider’s forte.

Tangled (HD, 2010). Smolder - YouTube
Look at that beauty in those brows.

A person with unusual flexibility of brow can create masterful words of art upon their forehead that greatly enhance the general mystique.

The Eyes

Now this is where the smolder lies- the slowly burning fire that no one can quench. Ever so slightly squint the eyes and gaze off into the distance- or into the eyes of your target.

Margot Robbie - IMDb
It’s not just a man thing!

Like anything else, smoldering must be practiced to be perfected. Always keep water on hand in case something starts a flame, as often happens under my gaze. Smolder away!

Keep smoldering

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