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I Stepped On a Sign Every Day For A Week And THIS Is What Happened

I stepped on top of a sign every single day for SEVEN days- this is what happened. Stay until the end to see my RADICAL transformation, and how YOU TOO can benefit from giving yourself a challenge.

Now, it all started when I stepped on this sign for fun.

Looks small, right? It’s about waist height.

It WAS fun, but it was also strangely uncomfortable. There was no sign for the sign saying not to step on the sign, but it felt… odd. So of course I did it for a week to see what would happen.

Planning and DeSign

The first obstacle I had to overcome was the skill of stepping up onto it, since it was up as high as my foot could comfortably reach. With a grunt, I succeeded on day two.


The third day I was in the presence of many people. I stepped up, then wobbled off, but I felt like the people needed more. A speech? A declaration of independence? Some indication that I had athletic ability?

Tight Pants

Sunday my tight pants constricted my movements. Enough said.

Leaving my Signature

By Monday, I started to get the hang of it. My footprints covered the top of the sign. But, of course, that night it chose to rain, and I had to grieve my lost memories.

Falling On My Bum

Now the last two days it started to get icy. I said to myself, “Do you really want to lose your dignity with these people around?” Then I realized I had no dignity to lose, and went for it. And fell. Almost. I scampered off to hide in my dorm before anyone could question me.

Set Yourself a Challenge!

Look at how much I gained from this! Small gains, yes, but surely you need to learn how to better deal with deSigning things, uncomfortability, or tight pants? So give yourself a challenge, set a goal for yourself, and you WILL grow somehow and in some way.

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And now for the amazing transformation:


Wow, what a stunning change!

Dashing? Not? Say how you feel!

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