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Has Your Galoot Gone Kaput?

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At this time of year, normal people start to feel stress over school, work, or the newly arrived dinosaurs in their backyard. However, that’s not what brought you here – you’re worried your Galoot has gone Kaput!

There are many reasons why you might be feeling this unfortunate deficit. Perhaps it was the long drought of articles this summer. Perhaps a traumatic event has recently occurred in your life, such as those dinosaurs appearing. Maybe you just aren’t sure if you’ve still got it.

But fear not! For I have prepared the perfect tool for you: a quiz to decipher if you’ve really fallen off as much as you might think. Click the button below, or keep reading for more fun.

What Is a Kaput Galoot?

Some of you might be curious as to what a Kaput galoot actually is. Let me illustrate:

I was playing some tennis recently, and I was going hard. A ball bounced weakly towards me, and I could tell it was going to be out of my reach. Without hesitation I flung myself towards the ball, but I whiffed and smashed into the asphalt. I skidded slightly and slowly stood up, smiling to reassure the compassionate onlookers that I was alright when in fact I was minus quite a few layers of skin on my pinkie finger, hip, and leg. It hurt.

This is what it is like to have your Galoot go Kaput. You are living life and taking risks, and one thing leads to another and you get a few layers ripped off (metaphorically, of course). You get up and pretend it’s nothing, but man it stings. The next time you’re about to take that risky swing you hold back and waste a chance. Your Galoot has gone Kaput, since the essence of being a Galoot is taking risks.

How to Reboot Your Galoot

What can be done if you’ve lost it? Or maybe if you feel you never had it? Well, there’s a few options for you:

1. Take little risks to regain confidence

When you’ve messed up you might feel nervous to try bold things. So start small. Give someone that compliment you’ve been thinking but too scared to say. Say hi to the stranger or acquaintance next to you and have a conversation instead of hiding behind a phone. Try a bold food, like a Bacon Lettuce Tomato and Avocado sandwich. Except that’s not bold, it’s just the best food on earth. Maybe escargot would be more fitting as an example.

Mmm, so tasty!

2. Schedule adventure time

No, this doesn’t mean go binge the TV show. It means making time in your schedule to do random wild things. Having a bold adventure is a very Galoot thing to do, but adventures might seem like rare happenstance. Actually, you can create your own and it’s not that hard! It just takes the right mindset.

Block off at least half an hour, preferably with a friend, and just wander around being open to new experiences. Follow where your heart leads you to go, and be a modern-day explorer. That’s how this article and this article happened. Plus, the excitement of the adventure doesn’t take away from the relaxation of having some time for yourself.

3. Talk to the Galoots in your life

You probably already know who the Galoots in your life are – that crazy uncle, classmate, or friend who is always doing the most ridiculous things (Or your son! Hi mom!). Give them a little interview and see how they do the whole Galoot thing – chances are, if they’re really a galoot, they’ll love the attention.

Crazy Business Man
Have you met this young Galoot?

So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz now and find out if YOUR Galoot is Kaput?

Dashing? Not? Say how you feel!

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